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The Uniform Public Expression Protection Act: Modernizing Anti-SLAPP Laws for the Next Generation - Shared screen with speaker view
Kaitlin Wolff
Question from Commissioner Kim Lowe in MN: As a commissioner from MN, any suggestion on how to attack enactment in MN? Throw our how old act out and replace or try to bandaid in a ULC fix?
Gene Lebrun
Are there groups or particular people who are vocally opposing these statutes in the states that have enacted them? If so, what are their arguments?
Thomas Edmonds
Were the constitutional challenges that were successful in WA and MN based on the right of citizens to have access the courts to resolve their disputes? If not , what was the rationale?
Barry Hawkins
How can movants overcome a plaintiffs potentially expensive motion for early discovery to meet the proof standards required to meet the burdens of the statute. If granted the movants might still have to expend thousands to comply with early discovery.